Unity call center survey services use online marketing data investigation methodologies to review huge usage of offline and online databases. We can and will provide immediate solutions to the queries based on research through surveys in various fields of technology and research.

Kinds of Web Survey Services Unity Provides

Unity call center survey services help in knowing the need and point of interest of your customers. Our surveys include:

  • Surveys on product penetration
  • Surveys on market research
  • Surveys on marketing investments
  • Customer service surveys
  • Processing of Surveys
  • Setup and design of survey

We structure the order of the survey to make it easy to understand and receive effective response. We arrange a set of questionnaires in a method of capturing data.

Scanning of survey: The scanning of our survey is conducted by executives who are experts in Intelligent Character recognition and Optical Character recognition. It helps us in receiving an approximate result.

Data Entry: It involves entering the captured data into excel spreadsheets for better data extraction and analysis.

Survey data extraction and reporting: Unity conducts statistical tests based on your projects and presents the result in a tabular and graphical form.

Kinds of Survey Solutions We Provide

Data Collection Online and Offline Survey

  • Telephone surveys
  • Web surveys
  • Online market research surveys
  • E-mail Surveys
Data Processing Surveys Online and Offline

  • Data entry
  • Data Validity
  • Data tabulation
Data Analysis Surveys Online and Offline

  • Statistical Analysis
  • Cross checking
  • Correlation
  • Regression

Unity Call Center specializes in maintaining the technical and business databases, email addresses, customer data list and cards which enables us in performing a fast and efficient survey. We make our customers comfortable with outsourcing and make it easier for them to get advanced technology solutions in the market.

For more details about our surveys and polling solutions, contact us.