Legal practices have always been successful, but with increasing competition lawyers are facing certain problems in generating new clients. We are here to save valuable time of lawyers in helping them in generating new clients for personal injury claims. It would be a challenge to run a marketing campaign for the law firm and managing them at the same time. Unity call center takes the responsibility and facilitates new clients for you with the help of personal injury lead generation process and services.

We can generate leads for personal injury claims that can be caused by:

  • Auto, truck or commercial vehicle accident
  • Private vehicle accidents
  • Any other type of road traffic accident
  • Brain or burn injury
  • Construction accident
  • Office injury
  • Medical loss
  • Any physical loss for which the victim is not responsible.

Unity’s Analysis

We call prospective clients and enquire about their personal injury and gather other personal details regarding the claim. We make the customer go through a certain list of questionnaire to ensure the validation and authenticity of the claim to make it easier for your work. Our aim is to always provide give you active and genuine clients. We use talented marketing professionals, advisors, various professional tools and proven strategies to generate qualified personal injury claim leads for our clients. We understand the market, have deep knowledge of personal injury claim process in UK, US and other countries, and are efficient enough to save you time and effort required for searching new clients.

The general criteria that we follow for personal injury claims lead generation:

  • Customer must have had a road traffic accident (RTA) within last 2.5 years. (Date of the accident)
  • Must have visited G.P or hospital.
  • Accident must not be customer’s own fault.
  • Must have reported the accident to the insurance company.
  • Must have third party’s car registration number or the crime reference number handy. (If don’t) Should be able to obtain it asap.
  • Must have not signed any paper work or any other legal documents with a solicitor or any claim management company.
  • Accident must have happened in England and Wales.
  • Customer must be the resident of U.K.
  • Customer must be interested and should have time to speak with the advisor over the phone for at least 10-15 minutes.
  • If there were passengers along with the driver, their names and details are also included while transferring the case.

We are more than happy to do business with you. Feel free to contact us regarding lead generation for personal injury claims in UK, USA and other countries. For more information, send us an email now.